Reveal the unreported and uninspected

Get unprecedented involvement and visibility to build safer, happier and more productive workplaces with your employees.

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Today’s employees expect to be involved

It’s not the management teams, but all your people in the field who are aware of the pressing issues and all the tiny observations that impact your business and operations. What they are waiting for is to have a voice, to be involved, to solve problems and to have an impact.

Field reporting tool to rule them all

Having different reporting tools for individual functions increases the threshold of use for end-users. Falcony empowers your employees and stakeholders with a perfect companion to reveal everything they observe, inspect, collaborate and resolve.

Shift how your work gets respected

With more people involved, you’ll get better reports to share and a happier workforce that feel heard. This leads to a flywheel of ever more involvement and permanent cultural change. Along the journey you might just become the Chief Involvement Officer.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Falcony has made it easier for us to identify issues a lot faster than before. It helps us to improve multiple areas in our organization."

Mike Wagland, Group Head of Safety & Security, ODEON Cinemas Group
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“I am 100 % sure that we are saving money with Falcony by optimizing our processes and streamlining our day-to-day operations."

Torben Beck, Plant Manager, Veolia PET Norway
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