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A strong safety culture involves everyone and creates habits

Involve your entire workplace with our mobile involvement platform for inspections and incident reporting.


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Why Falcony?

Involve your entire extended workplace for safety goals

The true measure of success in software implementation is how well they get used. By providing your organisation with simple and easy-to-use tools you will experience an increase of reports from the field and reporting time cut in half.

Drop your IFR and LTIF close to zero

Workplace health, safety and wellbeing is a basic right of everyone. Reduce non-reported issues and multiply signals to uncover true causes for lost-time incidents. Make follow-up actions and tracking of reported observations easy to do, for a faster reaction time on issues.

The C in Safety Culture is for Collaboration and Communication

Solve the missing link of most behaviour-based safety programs by inspiring the workforce to collaborate with our mobile involvement platform. Increase transparency on what has been done on safety related tasks, and effectively improve internal communications in the entire organisation.

Transform your quarterly reports into EHS dashboards

Empower your team and organisation with EHS analytics that are available and actionable on all levels and departments of the organisation. Transparency is the key for organisational learning.

Hear what our customers have to say

“Before Falcony, there tended to be a focus on the big things that could go wrong, so attention was disproportionately given to potentially life-threatening situations, which are quite rare."

Chris Adams
Managing Director
Key features
Mobile and offline use

Reduce reporting friction by enabling your workforce to report incidents anywhere and anytime.

Confidential reporting

Stop the blame game and make sure everything gets reported by allowing confidentiality.

Full-on template editor

With just a few clicks, customise your checklists and observation templates to your needs.

Actions and tasks

Assign corrective and preventive actions on the go and follow-up with them wherever you go.

Multiple languages

Enabling everyone to use the platform in their native language leads to more reported observations.

Real-time statistics

Increase visibility for increased amounts of data and make better decisions.

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