Connect your favorite apps, streamline your workflows, and maximize efficiency with Falcony's extensive integration options.

Drive Seamless Involvement with Seamless Integrations

Gain Insight and Compare Data Visually

Unleash the power of data visualization and analysis. Falcony lets you effortlessly connect to Power BI, Qlik, or your organization's data warehouse, enabling you to derive actionable insights and make informed decisions.

Effortlessly Automate Manual Tasks

Say goodbye to repetitive manual processes. Falcony's bidirectional integration with your workflow solutions automates tasks, streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency.

Ensure Seamless and Secure Access

Prioritize security and convenience with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. Take control of user and group management via your company's identity provider, such as Active Directory, for a secure and smooth access experience.

Bring your Masterdata to Falcony

Unify your data management efforts by bringing together roles, hierarchies, cost centers, products, customers, and more from your CRM, HRM, and ERP systems into Falcony.

Types of integrations

Business Intelligence

Enhance data analysis by seamlessly connecting Falcony's analytics database with your analytics, BI, data lake, or data warehouse platform.

Single Sign-On

Enjoy the ease of using the same login credentials as your primary email client for Falcony access.

ERP - Cost Centers and Locations

Effortlessly automate location, cost center, and organizational hierarchy updates within Falcony's place listings from your ERP system.

HRM - Roles and hierarchy

Streamline user management by creating, updating, and removing user profiles and access rights directly from your Human Resources Management system.

CRM - Customer Data

Seamlessly integrate your Customers' CRM records into select or multi-select data fields within Falcony.

ERP - Product and Order Records

Connect product, order, shipment, and delivery details from your ERP system to Falcony, including price and cost information.

ERP/CRM - Suppliers

Effortlessly incorporate Supplier details into select or multi-select data fields within Falcony, simplifying Supplier management.

IoT Alerts and Deviations

Automatically generate observations and follow-up actions based on third-party deviations, alerts, or signals, such as those from sensors and surveys.

DMS - PDF Reports

Automatically import PDF reports of audits and inspections into your document management system, CRM, or any other desired system.

Insurance - Accidents, Damages, and Claims

Streamline the reporting of accidents, damages, and claims in Falcony without end-users needing access to insurance systems.

CMMS - Service Request and Work Orders

Establish a bi-directional link between Falcony and your maintenance or facility management system, allowing seamless management of service requests, work orders, and facility audit observations.

HR, IT, and Other Tasks and Projects

Enable bidirectional linking of each observation category to your preferred workflow, project, service, or task management system for efficient task handling within Falcony.

Falcony APIs

Connect your favorite apps, streamline your workflows, and maximize efficiency with Falcony's APIs.

Users API

Automate user and user right management

Data sources API

Bring your own data to data fields

Open link API

Generate observations from third-party sources

Places API

Automate locations and cost center updates


Create automations with other systems


How long does it take to implement an integration?

The timeframe for implementation varies but typically ranges from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the integration.

What are the costs associated with the integrations?

Costs can vary and may include a small implementation fee along with ongoing fees, with specifics determined based on your integration needs.

Can we use the APIs on our own?

Yes, absolutely! We provide detailed instructions for all our APIs to empower you to use them independently.

Is there documentation about the integrations?

Yes, we offer comprehensive documentation for all our plug-and-play integrations, and for customer-specific integrations, we create customized documentation as well.

How is security covered with integrations?

Security is paramount. All integrations employ encryption during data transit, strong password practices, and any necessary credentials are securely stored as environment variables within Falcony's Heroku environment, ensuring your data's safety.

Which iPaaS/integration platforms do you support?

We support a wide spectrum of integration platforms, from Zapier and IFTTT to robust solutions like MuleSoft, SAP, and Informatica.

What if we need changes to the integration later on after the implementation?

We offer a two-week testing period to ensure everything aligns with your specifications. Afterward, we continue to provide support for your integrations as per the terms we've agreed upon.

We have an integration need that's not listed here, can you do it?

Absolutely! We're always eager to explore and develop new integrations that can benefit our customers. Let's discuss your specific requirements and work together to make it happen.

What's your vision with integrations?

A solution like Falcony that crosses many processes and functions, requires by nature a lot of integrations. Since we want to drive ever greater involvement, we know that we have to support as many integrations as possible.

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