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Deliver consistent experiences and manage risks with our involvement platform for all incidents and checklists.


Users all over the globe

Empower through employee involvement

Improve customer experience and retention

Involve your entire organisation from staff to service providers to identify, report and handle problems in your customer journey.

One application for all use-cases

Stakeholders expect high standards in safety and quality across the customer journey. Avoid functional isolation with our end-to-end solution for all types of issues, incidents, tasks and checklists.

In line with your strategy

Empower execution with communication from top-down to bottom-up. Get the processes right with our inspection and checklist platform.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Falcony has made it easier for us to identify issues in our cinemas a lot faster than before. The tool is simple and easy-to-use on any device."

Mike Wagland

Group Head of Safety & Security

Allocate resources much smarter

Stop decision-holding and information messengers. Empower just the right people with just the right information at just the right time to do their job as good as they can.

Compare your sites, areas and locations

High standards require consistency whether you are managing operations, security or the customer journey. With our analytics, you'll immediately see where most improvement is needed.

Key use cases
Incident reporting

Accident reporting and investigation, Hazard observations, Issue reporting, Service requests.


Daily operational checklists, Opening checklists, Closing checklists, Machine failures.

Health and Safety

Safety walks, Management walkarounds, EHS/HSEQ audits, Food and beverage/HACCP compliance, CAPA.


Walkout reports, IT security incidents, Security rounds, Guard tours, Security inspections, Security risk assessments.

Facilities management

Maintenance checks, Cleaning inspections, Service providers quality assessments, Service Requests, Damage reports.


Anonymous reporting, Case management and investigations, Protected dialogue, Whistleblowing policy.

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