Anonymous channel for confidential reporting

Whistleblowing channel is mandatory by laws and regulations in most parts of the world. Falcony Whistleblowing is everything that socially responsible companies need to involve their stakeholders to comply with regulations.

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Users all over the globe

Reporting through an open link

Reporting works on all devices and you can personalise the page with your organisation's logo, brand image and custom whistleblowing policy. The link can be shared on your website, intranet, or other channels with staff, partners and other stakeholders.

Categorise cases to instruct the whistleblowers

Notification categories are customisable to suit your own operating environment. The reporting page is easy to use with customisable and category-specific forms, additional information and guidance.

Protected dialogue for more information

The reporter will receive anonymous IDs, which can be used to monitor their report's progress. The reporter will remain anonymous to the case handler but two-way communication can be done with chat-based window.

Notifications, built-in case management and investigations

Use roles and custom access rights to define which users get notified about which observations. Set-up follow-up questions to guide users to take all aspects of the case into account. Document all findings and attachments for future reference, and use the follow-up findings as the fuel for your best practices to be shared.

Implemented in days

Falcony | Whistleblowing is the most user-friendly whistleblowing platform on the market. Instead of months or weeks, it's all ready to be implemented in just a few days. After that let the reports simply come in and handle them like regulation and your policies require.

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