One platform to rule all checklists

Ditch print outs, Word documents and heavy Excel spreadsheets. Use our extensive template library or import your own checklists into the system to start cutting time immediately. Works on all devices and operating systems - also offline.

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Best-in-class template editor

Sometimes you simply want to start from scratch. Our template editor enables you to utilise different question types, help texts and help images to create the template of your needs. You can also edit our preset templates to adjust them to your own liking.

Optimised auditing experience

Falcony | Audit enables you to conduct audits and inspections with just a few clicks. Start the audit on your mobile, refine it with images and attachments, assign observations and follow-up actions to the correct people, and finalise your work on a laptop if needed. All this available to you even offline.

Professional and branded reporting

We believe that involvement shouldn't be limited to your own organisation. Falcony | Audit automatically generates beautiful reports to be shared with all of your stakeholders. To make them even more personal, you can define the layout from the preset options and include your logo as the final touch.

Audit observations

Audit observations enables end-users to define the qualitative nature of their answers and assign potential follow-up tasks to the correct people. As an admin, you can create different observation templates to make sure relevant questions are asked based on the nature of the checklist.

Combine with Falcony | Observe

Built to work together, combine the audit module with Falcony | Observe to get the best of both proactive and reactive reporting. Having all functionalities on the same platform reduces the threshold of reporting, and enables you to maximise the amount of data for better decision making.

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