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Involve your full workforce in quality and safety reporting for faster reaction times on urgent issues.


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Empower with employee involvement

More close-outs on reported incidents

All the actions on the incident can be logged in one place with a clear trail of information and actions. Close incidents with confidence and clearly documented evidence. Fast to implement and easy use with minimal training needed.

One channel for all field staff's reporting

Make it easy for your staff to report observations as they happen. It will make it easier for you to follow-up on any actions needed, ask your staff to fill in compulsory questions about incidents, have a complete overview of anything that happens in the premises and help you have a more transparent information flow so that you can ensure that your practices stay compliant.

Enable cross-functional collaboration

Information on things that happen and are being done during a day should be transparent for all levels and functions of the organisation. It helps to improve the management of the incidents reported, as well as patient and visitor service. Our system allows you to show the regulators in one place what you have done by keeping the evidence and findings all linked to the incident or audit.

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"Working with Falcony has been a great experience. It was easy to implement the tool with minimal training needed.”

Lisa O'Farrell

Head of Quality & Patient Safety

Spot trends and analyse root causes

Trends and root causes are automatically updated in real-time as they are reported, making it easier for you to stay up-to-date on what the most common incidents are, so that you can take action when needed. Link your results to the BI tool of your choice to help you analyse your performance and spot trends.

Unlimited auditing and reporting options

Do all your care unit, nursing home, property, medicine, and patient incident reports and audits in the same tool. Doing that makes it easier for you to follow the care of patients inside your premises and quickly learn if anything needs fixing or to be improved for safer facilities and services.

Key use cases
Physical security

Security inspections, Threat assessments, System failures and interruptions, Threat reports, Robberies, CCVT checks, Disruptive behaviours, Guard tours, Security calls.

Health and Safety

Accident reporting and investigation, Hazard observations, IIssue reporting, Safety walks, Management walkarounds, EHS/HSEQ audits, Fire protection inspections, CAPA.

Risk management and compliance

Medicine Audits, Compliance Audits, Medical Conditions Inspections, Risk register, Risk assessments, Risk reporting.

Incident reporting

Accident reporting and investigation, Patient safety incidents, Hazard observations, Issue reporting, Near misses, Safety observations, Initiatives and ideas.

Facilities management

Facility audits, Service provider assessments, Cleaning inspections, Preventive maintenance, Service requests, Property logs, Building system inspections, Mobile ticketing and communication.


Anonymous reporting, Case management and investigations, Protected dialogue, Whistleblowing policy.

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