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Today’s risks are not the same as tomorrow's risks. Involve all teams, departments and functions in a single risk management platform that people actually love to use.

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Unified Platform for Complete Risk Oversight

Unified platform for comprehensive risk oversight, streamlining your risk management processes and ensuring a holistic view of all risks across the organization

Streamlined Risk and Action Management

Efficiently manage and track all risks, opportunities, and tasks in one place with Falcony. Automated reminders and transparent oversight ensure timely action and enhance your organization's risk management strategy.

Complete Risk Management Overview

Classify risks in multiple dimensions and manage the high-level view in a single system.

Automate Recurring Risk Assessments with Reminders

Forget reminding and compiling excel files. Scheduling functionality makes the monitoring transparent.

High-level risk management dashboards (Power BI)

Show critical risks, the effects of measures on risks and changes over time to both management and other stakeholders. The product includes ready-to-go Microsoft Power BI templates.

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