Tenant Involvement

Great tenant experience begins with effortless communication

From announcements and feedback to guides and work orders, involve all your tenants with our mobile tenant portal.


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Why Falcony?
One channel for all information that tenants care about

Create mobile tenant guides. Send informative announcements with just a few clicks. Tenants will be personally notified of everything and can view all of their building's information in one mobile-friendly user interface.

Two-way communication upgrades tenant experience

From commenting announcements to requesting changes to rental spaces, tenants need to feel like their voice is heard. Make it effortless for the tenants to report their needs, comment on them swiftly and see the results of this two-way communication in lengthier leases.

Tenant contact lists that are always up-to-date

Forget multiple Excel versions and replace them with a single source of truth for all tenant contacts. With us your tenant lists are always up-to-date and available for property management, building owner and receptionists.

Bring transparency with comprehensive portfolio statistics

Periodic lagging reports are not the management tool of today. With our platform, you can easily compare different sites, get a bird's-eye view on your whole building portfolio and improve your customer loyalty with this real-time visibility to tenant experience.

Hear what our customers have to say

"It is easy for us to keep track of what has been asked and answered, and when things have been done. Falcony is a great solution."

Catarina Forsblom
Business Park Manager
Key features
Mobile and offline use

Reduce reporting friction by enabling your workforce to report incidents anywhere and anytime.

Tenant announcements

Involve property management and service providers to send informative announcements to tenants.

Tenant guides and manuals

Create branded and accessible tenant guides where relevant information is always available.

Key and access right management

Log key and access right orders, handovers and returns digitally with signatures.

Commercial space inspections

Inspect spaces when tenants move-in and out, and compare reports going forward.

Tenant sales reporting and analytics

From sales to GRESB reporting, record and analyse findings with the platform.

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