Triple the amount of implemented ideas

Employees now expect the same-level of involving experience as whatsapp for sharing their ideas and initiatives. Falcony | Ideas can do just that and even make sure it becomes part of  the culture with automated follow-throughs.

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Users all over the globe

Unleash Creativity Across Your Team

Experience a surge in diverse ideas and initiatives with Falcony | Ideas. This user-friendly platform encourages continuous improvement and innovation, engaging everyone in a collaborative and creative process

Comprehensive Tracking and Execution

Monitor every idea, initiative, and task through Falcony | Ideas' newsfeed feature. Ensure thorough completion of all actions, maintaining visibility and accountability across your organization.

Streamlined Idea Management and Sharing

Streamline idea and task distribution with Falcony | Ideas, using customized categories and real-time routing. Enable idea contributions from all, including non-credentialed individuals, through open links.

Cultivating Innovation

Encourage the evolution of ideas as employees freely discuss and engage with initiatives. The combination of involvement and communication through Falcony | Ideas cultivates a culture rich in continuous improvement and innovation.

Expanding Collaboration

Engage customers and partners in idea sharing by creating context-specific open links. This approach ensures that contractors, suppliers, and customers are also included in the collaborative process, enriching the diversity of ideas and initiatives.

Let us show you how it works

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