Risk management

Identify hidden risks and manage them better than ever

Involve everyone, identify and assess more risks, and make risk management part of everyday work with our mobile risk management platform.


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Why Falcony?

Manage all risks in a single platform

Don’t let different types of risks get siloed in excel sheets, emails and separate systems. Identify, assess and manage risks and opportunities across functions, projects and departments in a single platform.

Make sure the actions get done

Forget reminding anyone and back-and-forth email chains. The actions are directly linked to risks and Falcony reminds assignees automatically. Now, that’s effective risk management, isn’t it?

Reveal risks that would otherwise go unidentified

All employees can help to identify and mitigate risks, if we just let them. With more involvement, you can increase the situational risk awareness and see how different risks connect together.

Earn the respect with powerful dashboards

From strategic to operational risks and from compliance to project risks, visualize them all in beautiful dashboards that help to answer questions your organization needs for better decisions.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Thanks to the user-friendly interface, Falcony was easy to introduce to our personnel. I can wholeheartedly recommend the system to everyone."

Timo Venäläinen
Quality & Safety Manager
Key features
Risk assessments with scheduled recurrences

Automate and schedule risk assessments. Report risks on-the-go with our tool.

Built-in task management with automations

Streamline risk tasks with automation, ensuring no critical action is missed.

Roles, hierarchy and all an enterprise needs

Tailor roles and permissions for effective risk management and control.

Chat-based communication

Boost risk management with two-way chat for better collaboration and effective risk handling.

Localized languages

Use the platform in your language while keeping risk data globally comparable.

Admin tools

Customize your setup with user roles, templates, and forms. Create or use our risk assessment templates.

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