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Your work shouldn’t be limited by time or space. Falcony is a web app that uses the most recent browser based technologies to help you conduct inspections and report observations on any device. Choose from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to run the app, even when you are offline.

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Users all over the globe

Developed for rich data and fast analysis

Keep an overview of all conducted audits and reported observations in your organisation, and filter them based on different locations and sites. Falcony collects all reports and creates statistics automatically, so that you can prioritise the business areas, locations and sites with the most need for attention.

Support your sites and structure

People will have different reporting needs in your organisation. Some might need access to everything, whereas some might only need access to a specific task. Bring in your organisational structure and create different kinds of roles to help people spend time on the tasks that matter them the most.

Notify the right people at the right time

Forget endless email threads, missed calls and instant message groups. Reduce the time spent on corrective actions by removing middlemen and gatekeepers. Falcony notifies relevant people automatically when there is something that requires their urgent actions.

Localised for the languages you need

Your employees expect to be heard. That is why language should not ever be the barrier of an observation getting reported or a check conducted. We make sure that is not the case by offering our platform in more than 25 languages and more are added on a need-basis.

Integrate to the solutions you already love

We know that you already have other important platforms in use. That is why Falcony supports a wide range of integrations including AD-integrations for more secure credentials, BI-integrations for enriched data flows and insurance company integrations for automated claims.

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