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Public sector is digitalizing at an accelerated pace - are you?

Involve everyone for safety, facilities, risks, ideas and more with our mobile reporting and inspection platform.


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The sheer number and extent of incidents in public sector is huge

In order to correct and prevent different types of incidents and issues in the public sector, we first have to know about them. Falcony will help you do just that: connect different processes and functions, from safety and security to ideas and risks, in the same tool and your employees will respect and thank you for it.

One tool for all inspections and observations

While strategy provides direction in the Public Sector, it's the daily habits and consistent execution that drive success. Involving your workforce with a unified solution for various tasks such as inspections, checklists, forms, and observations is crucial. By streamlining reporting processes, we reduce friction and ensure smooth communication.

Enhance communication and streamline documentation

Say goodbye to cumbersome email chains, Word documents, and information bottlenecks. Centralize all reports, photos, and issues on a unified platform, facilitating efficient documentation. Utilize this platform as the primary channel for direct communication with your employees, service providers, and even citizens.

Hear what our customers have to say

"We have been using Falcony for several years to improve occupational safety, and have expanded its use from safety observations and risk assessments to include e.g. workplace surveys."

Johanna Aho

Risk Manager

Involve your workforce into data-generating assets

Your employees are already observing issues, problems and incidents and talking about them with each other, why not enable the involvement with modern technology? Make the reporting experience as easy as chatting on Whatsapp.

View and act on everything you need in dashboards

Whether you are managing safety, security, facilities, education, care units or other operations, high standards require consistency. With our automated analytics and Business intelligence integrations, you will immediately see what should be done next.

Key use cases
Health and Safety

Accident reporting and investigation, hazard observations, issue reporting, Safety walks, management walkarounds, EHS/HSEQ audits, CAPA.

Facilities management

Facility audits, Service provider assessments, Cleaning inspections, preventive maintenance, Service requests, Property logs, Building system inspections, mobile ticketing and communication, move-in and move-out checklists.

Risk Management

Strategic risks, financial risks, operational risks, compliance risks, opportunities, threats, action management, risk register. 

Physical security

Security inspections, threat assessments, System failures and interruptions, Threat reports, robberies, CCVT checks, Disruptive behaviours, Guard tours, Security calls.

Incident reporting

Accident reporting and investigation, hazard observations, issue reporting, work orders, near misses, safety observations, initiatives and ideas.


Anonymous reporting, case management and investigations, protected dialogue, whistleblowing policy.

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