Loss Prevention

Loss prevention at scale is the lifeblood of decreasing margins

Prevent losses and shrinkage and protect your profits with our mobile involvement platform for reporting and inspections.


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Why Falcony?

Give everyone a voice to say what they see

To get a contextual 360° view from all of your loss prevention matters, you need to involve everyone in your organisation. Whether in stores or in the supply chain, let your employees and contractors report theft, conduct shipment inspections and help to avoid losses.

Single channel for all types of loss and shrinkage

More often than not, loss prevention overlaps quality, safety and security issues as well. Make it easy for your frontline to have a single app to rule it all. In return, you will get more data on how to improve loss prevention strategies in your company.

Improve cross-functional collaboration with actionable ticketing

Empower case handling with two-way mobile communication that end-users love. Lower friction means that best practices can be actually shared across your whole organisation. Best practices turn into better strategies and soon you’ll slash insurance premiums and drive towards record profits.

10x the amount of reports for powerful analysis

With more data, you will spot trends and variance more accurately both on a store to store and product level. This helps you to make better data driven decisions and earn the credibility you deserve in the boardroom.

Hear what our customers have to say

"The application is really suitable and flexible for us, we can make modifications and create a variety of metrics. Falcony is easily worth the cost."

Petteri Sistonen
Risk Manager
Key features
Mobile and offline use

Reduce reporting friction by enabling your workforce to report incidents anywhere and anytime.

Icon-based reporting

Make it visually clear and fast for employees to report all issues on the go.

Category-specific forms and followup actions

Just the right questions, workflows, actions and investigations.

Multiple languages

Enabling everyone to use the platform in their native language leads to more reported observations.

Fully customisable

Create any types of inspections and observations. Automate assignees, follow-up actions and reminders.

Real-time statistics

Increase visibility for increased amounts of data and make better decisions.

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