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Involve all employees to report issues, requests, incidents, follow-up tasks, announcements, ideas, feedback and other reactive observations to improve your improve your data-based decision making capabilities.

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Customisable Observation Categories

You don't want separate tools for your reporting needs in different functions. Incident, near-miss or a positive observation? With Falcony, your organisation's reporting possibilities are endless. It's easy to add the right categories, icons and workflows to guide end-users to your preferred destination.

Faster Reaction Times

Notify relevant people instantly when a new observation has been reported. No more time spent on waiting for reports or comments to go through via email, instant messages or calls. This helps you allocate resources, as you know instantly when and where actions are needed.

Task management

Have full control and clarity on the workflow. Allocate tasks automatically to the right people, have due dates based on the nature of the event and monitor that everything gets handled like it should. Reminders and notifications make sure you are always up-to-date. Once done, close the task and have a look at the next one.

Follow-up workflows

Use roles and custom access rights to define which users get notified about which observations. Set-up follow-up questions to guide users to take all aspects of the case into account. Document all findings and attachments for future reference, and use the follow-up findings as the fuel for your best practices to be shared.

Combine with Falcony | Audit

Built to work together, combine the Observe module with Falcony | Audit to get the best of both proactive and reactive reporting. Having all functionalities on the same platform reduces the threshold of reporting, and enables you to maximise the amount of data for better decision making.

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