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A safe and sound campus is everyone's right

Involve your staff, students and service providers to inspect, report and resolve everything they see.


Users all over the globe

Enable real clarity on your campuses

Involve everyone from staff to students

Leave no stone unturned by enabling your entire campus to report safety, maintenance and wellbeing issues on-the-go. With either their own credentials or open links that can be accessed by anyone. All this localised to the languages you need.

One channel for all campus issues and inspections

Your staff and students aren't always experts at defining if it's safety, quality or other types of issues they're observing. They just want to report everything as easily as possible and our platform enables them to do that.

Spur cross-faculty collaboration

You don't want to build walls but bring them down. Create a culture of openness and transparency not just between the school board and teachers, but horizontally: from peer to peer, from student-to-teacher and from cleaning staff to security.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Now even the smallest problems come to the fore, where in the past they were easily swept under the rug. We want to address problems before they become costly accidents or injuries."

David Sjöberg

Safety Manager

Respond to issues in real-time

Whether it's a small service request or an actual crisis, immediate and effective communication is the key. Our platform helps you to instantly share information to the right stakeholders so that they can respond and resolve issues faster than ever.

Augment the situational awareness of your campus

The turbulence of campus environments hide small problems, which tend to stack up in the long run. Let our powerful analytics reveal the unobservable for you, and fix the minor problems before major incidents happen.

Key use cases
Physical security

Security inspections, Threat assessments, System failures and interruptions, Threat reports, robberies, CCVT checks, Disruptive behaviours, Guard tours, Security calls.

Health and Safety

Accident reporting and investigation, Hazard observations, Issue reporting, Safety walks, Management walkarounds, EHS/HSEQ audits, Fire protection inspections, CAPA.


Drug detection, Violence reports, Discrimination and harassment reporting, Disruptive behaviours, Lost and found, Student problems, Exchange issues.

Incident reporting

Accident reporting and investigation, Hazard observations, Issue reporting, Near misses, Safety observations, Initiatives and ideas.

Facilities management

Facility audits, Service provider assessments, Cleaning inspections, Preventive maintenance, Service requests, Property logs, Building system inspections, Mobile ticketing and communication, Move-in and move-out checklists.


Anonymous reporting, case management and investigations, protected dialogue, whistleblowing policy.

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