Incident Management

10x the number of observations and lessons learned

Adapt to the novel breed of risks by reaching an unprecedented level of employee involvement across departments and functions.


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Why Falcony?

Incident management system that people actually use

Ease-of-use equals not just more observations but more observers in the field. That's what today's workforce is expecting. Our system caters to daily mobile use, photos and even videos. It’s developed to make reporting simple to do for everyone in the organisation.

Automated routing, sharing and assigning without the need for reminding

Follow-up actions start by sharing the right information with the right people at the right time. Empower collaboration with real-time notifications, digests and reminders. Get on top of tasks and make it easy for the top management to see what actions have been taken.

All incidents can be analysed in real-time

Organisations shouldn't be penalising employees for making mistakes, but emphasising everyone to learn from them. Compare categories, root-causes and keywords across locations and departments to give actionable insights that help your employees to work more safely and efficiently.

Minimise response and resolution times

People stop reporting the day they think the channel is just a bottomless pit. With Falcony you'll make sure that never happens in your workplace. Reported incidents are stored in the platform, where anyone can easily check them. The follow-up actions help to ensure that all critical tasks get done.

Hear what our customers have to say

"We value Falcony's honest solution orientation. They don't promise the impossible, but always do what they promise."

Mikko Tiainen
Safety Manager
Key features
Mobile and offline use

Reduce reporting friction by enabling your workforce to report incidents anywhere and anytime.

Icon-based reporting

Bring all types of observations into our platform and support them with icons.

Category-specific forms and followup actions

Just the right questions, workflows, actions and investigations.

Confidential reporting

Stop the blame game and make sure everything gets reported by allowing confidentiality.

Multiple languages

Enabling everyone to use the platform in their native language leads to more reported observations.

Real-time statistics

Increase visibility for increased amounts of data and make better decisions.

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