Uncertain world requires operational involvement

The major shifts in the energy industry require modern mobile tools for quality, safety, environmental and operational management.


Users all over the globe

Functioning with employee involvement

Involve your extended workplace

In HSEQ and Security management, the knowledge of problems and issues isn’t at the top of the organisation, but distributed in the frontline of the operations. Therefore you should empower your organisation and other stakeholders with an easy-to-use mobile platform that lowers the threshold of reporting and thus increases the amount of data you receive.

Reduce frontline friction

It’s quite common for organisations to have too many tools that are also difficult-to-use. It’s time to toss these “pen and papers”, Excel spreadsheets and desktop only softwares. With us, you’re welcoming a single platform for all inspection and observation reporting processes you need across the organisation.

Collaborate and act as an integrated supply chain

Avoid building silos between stakeholders and departments by empowering execution with communication. Provide the right information to the right people, and one can act on the right issues in real-time like your organisation has no hierarchy.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Falcony and its modern and easy-to-use web and mobile services have brought a significant improvement in the security audit markets."

Tuomo Linjala

Corporate Security Manager

Allocate resources much smarter

Forget decision-holding and information messengers. When the right information is shared horizontally across the organisation, decision making processes become faster and more lean. And when this happens, resources are organically allocated smarter.

Compare projects, clients and areas

Get from periodic reporting to genuine real-time analytics. See trends, find emerging patterns and keep continuously adapting. That's the key to succeed in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment of today.

Key use cases

EHS Involvement

Safety walks, Management walkarounds, EHS/HSEQ audits, Accident reporting and investigation, Safety observations, Near miss reporting, CAPA.

Quality assurance

5S audits, Gemba walks, 6S walkarounds, Production inspections, Quality audits, Nonconformance reporting, External audit observations, CAPA.

Security involvement

Security inspections, Threat assessments, System failures and interruptions, Access control tasks, CCVT checks, Security calls, Guard logging.

Supplier involvement

Supplier audits, Supplier self-assessments, Nonconformities, Supply chain failures, Supplier reporting, Claim reporting.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

ISO 9001 audits, ISO 14001 audits, ISO 45001 audits, CAPA, Risk assessments, Internal audits, CAPA.


Anonymous reporting, Case management and investigations, Protected dialogue, Whistleblowing policy.

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