About us

We are enabling employee involvement for issues that matter by making the process of finding, sharing, fixing and learning from issues and observations as easy as thinking about them and as rewarding as being remembered for them.

By doing this, we are making work more meaningful for all parties involved.

Who we are

We are a Finnish technology company known for our easy-to-use solutions that enable organisations all over the world to involve their communities to observe, inspect and share anything and everything they see.

By doing that, we multiply the amount of observations (usually 10-50x) and enable our customers to gain greater understanding of what’s going on in their organisations, areas of responsibility and processes.

You may notice our platform being used for auditing grocery aisles by store workers, tracking and completing work orders by cleaners and mechanics, making sure the hotel feels welcoming by receptionists, learning from near misses to avoid accidents by truck drivers, helping commercial tenants to know what’s going on in their workplaces, or guaranteeing whistleblowers to stay anonymous. The common thread? Everybody wants to have a voice, solve issues that matter to them and be involved.

Where we come from

Even though we work with professionals, visionaries and, if we may, heroes in their fields, we can’t call ourselves that. It was almost by accident that we ended up serving these great people. Our history goes back to 2012, when Falcony (back then Plan Brothers) was founded on a cold winter day, like many other Finnish startups, in a Sauna.

When developing our first product Pelsu Pelastussuunnitelma, we ended up meeting thousands of facility, safety and security managers, and from all those conversations we learned about the problem of underreporting of incidents, under-completion of tasks and under-communication within and between departments.

For this huge problem we saw massive opportunity and decided to put our heart and grit on solving it. Pelsu Pelastussuunnitelma was sold to Caverion late 2019 and our two other products audits.io and incy.io were merged together under a single platform that is today known as Falcony.

Our vision

We have always been very much a values-driven company. But we don’t just see values being part of our internal company culture. We see them as a natural part of the platform we develop, the service we provide and the experience that surrounds everything we do.

Everyone should be allowed to have a voice. Failures and mistakes need to enable learning without pointing fingers. The work itself should feel meaningful. And we should all have fun every once in a while regardless of our roles or titles.

Our strong belief is that orchestrating involvement is part of the solution. Involvement increases contribution. Releases agility. It builds trust. Drives belonging. Generates impact. And eventually becomes culture. Involvement creates meaning. And we all need that.

Numbers that speak about involvement


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Arttu Vesterinen
Chief Executive Officer
+358 20 1277 851
Olli Pölönen
Interim Chief Financial Office
Anthony Jones
Chief Operating Officer
+358 20 1277 854
Okko Kouvalainen
Key Account Executive
+358 20 1277 858
Konsta Vesterinen
Chief Product Officer
+358 20 1277 852
Juho Mäkelä
Head of Sales
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Kaarle Parikka
Head of Marketing
+358 20 1277 856
Kari Bäckman
Key Account Manager
+358 20 1277 855
Paul Johnson
Country Manager, UK
+358 504 355 851
Camilla Petersen
Sales & Marketing Manager
+358 20 1277 857
Valtteri Seppälä
Account Executive
+358 20 1277 853
Kasper Lönnqvist
Customer Success Manager
+358 40 7676 373
Katri Vesterinen
Customer Success Specialist
+358 40 840 3221
Viljam Haarala
Account Executive
+358 20 127 7101
Lauri Räty
Sales Support Specialist
Iris Jämsä
Head of HR & Back Office
Afnan Bayati
Controller & Accounting Manager
Miia Vesala
Back Office Specialist
Janne Vanhala
Chief Technology Officer
Lucas Thomé
Lead Designer
Vesa Uimonen
Full-Stack Developer
Pekka Pöyry
Full-Stack Developer
Tero Vuotila
Full-Stack Developer
Raul Garcia
Full-Stack Developer
Aidan Zhakypov
Full-Stack Developer
Mikhail Shavliuk
Full-Stack Developer
Bart de Ruijter
Frontend Developer
Hoang Nguyen
UX Designer
Aslam Mahmadov
Full-Stack Developer
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