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Next stage for operational excellence begins with involvement

Ascend the wave of technology-empowered quality and operational improvements with our mobile involvement platform for inspections and field reporting.


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Why Falcony?

Improve operational, supplier and vendor performance

The quality in your organisation is a sum of multiple different dimensions. Track products, suppliers, vendors, overall performance and more with the easiest-to-use involvement platform for inspections and reporting.

Divide your management system into measurable parts

Whether your organisation is following Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001 or some other quality management system, split it into manageable checklists that can be filled easily and analysed centrally. By doing this, you enable engagement with the quality culture you've carefully set up.

Reduce the cost of quality with action-driven agility

There will never be zero defects or zero waste. It's about collectively solving NCRs and defects both on the shop floor and in the processes. With our mobile platform, the right people will automatically have the right information, so that they can act on their tasks immediately.

Spotlight your quality metrics both horizontally and vertically

Your data will be automatically synced to the cloud and can thus be analysed anywhere with the built-in analytics. Compare your most important quality metrics such as defects, non-conformances or customer complaints across countries, functions and individual locations in real-time.

Hear what our customers have to say

“We finally have a common platform to share information between our production sites and improve QHSE as a company in a very swift manner.”

Eric Zaal
QHSE Manager
Key features
Mobile and offline use

Reduce reporting friction by enabling your workforce to report incidents anywhere and anytime.

Template editor

Create powerful templates from scratch or upload your existing templates for audit involvement.

Audit observations and actions

Assign actions on the go and follow-up with them wherever you go.

Scores and grades

Automate scoring and grades based on audit answers for time- and site-based comparisons.

PDF report

Generate beautiful looking PDF reports and share them with your customers and stakeholders.

Real-time statistics

Increase visibility for increased amounts of data and make better decisions.

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