Retail workforce of today expect to be involved

Involve your organisation across all levels and functions with our mobile involvement platform for inspections and incident reporting.


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Get real visibility on your operations

Involve all eyes in your stores

To get contextual 360° feedback from all of your processes from quality to security, you need to involve all stakeholders. To achieve that, you need an easy-to-use platform that works on all devices both online and offline. That’s where we come in.

One-stop field platform for all checklists

Your staff members aren’t experts at defining if it's safety, quality or other type of issues they're observing. Don’t let your tools build more silos or let the learning process stop because of hesitation. Implement our platform for both reactive observation reporting and proactive checks.

Supporting your strategy

Running a retail business is a true team sport where you are the coach. Empower the execution of your in-store strategy with our platform that brings seamless communication for both proactive and reactive reporting.

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“Extending the use of Falcony | Audit from in-store audits to internal controls was done effortlessly and efficiently. We are very pleased with the tool and the cooperation with Falcony. "

Juhana Lamberg

Country Manager Finland

Act on right issues in real-time

Increase information democracy by removing bottlenecks, decision-holding, information messengers and unnecessary hierarchy. With Falcony you are empowering just the right people with just the right information they need to do their job even better.

Compare your stores and chains to see trends

Whether you are managing operations, security or customer journeys, high standards require consistency. With our automated analytics, you will immediately see where improvements are most needed. Our BI tool integrations also enable you to mix the data into other assets.

Key use cases
Loss Prevention

Cash handling deviations, Cashier audits, Product waste reports, Delivery and acceptance inspections, Shipment Variances.

Physical security

Security inspections, Threat assessments, System failures and interruptions, Threat reports, Robberies,  CCVT checks, Disruptive behaviours, Shoplifting reporting, Guard tours, Security calls.

Health and Safety

Accident reporting and investigation, Hazard observations, Issue reporting, Safety walks, Management walkarounds, EHS/HSEQ audits, Hygiene reporting, CAPA.

Customer Experience and Quality assurance

Customer Journey audits, Customer experience issues, Quality audits and inspections, Concept audits, Daily store opening checklist, Visual merchandising audits, Mystery shopper inspections, POS campaign self-assessment, Daily operations checklist, Chain audits.

Facilities management

Facility audits, Service provider assessments, Cleaning inspections, Preventive maintenance, Service requests, Property logs, Building system inspections.


Anonymous reporting, Case management and investigations, Protected dialogue, Whistleblowing policy.

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