Since introducing Falcony in 2015, Fortum has been able to carry out Security and Safety audits 50% faster and still make valuable and comparative decisions.


By cutting down the steps of the audit process, Fortum is now able to carry out its Security and Safety audits 50% faster and still get more valuable and more comparative information for decision-making.


One of the largest companies in Nordics, Fortum’s purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. Catering to the versatile needs of its customers, Fortum generates, distributes and sells electricity and heat, offers related expert services. The focus of Fortum’s operations is on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and Poland.


Just as most other Energy Sector companies, Fortum’s process for security audits used to be on pen and paper and Excel basis. The challenges with that are multiple.

Before going to the site to carry out the security audit, the inspector needed to remember not only to take the audit form with him but also to have camera at hand. Also because of miscellaneous practices, the audit form and questions used to differ a lot.

During the audit, it used to create a lot of hassle having several papers and camera at hand at the same time. Still, by far the greatest time consumer has always been the aggregation of the audit report. For Fortum it meant that they needed to enter the data from paper forms to Excel sheets, create diagrams on excel, copy-paste that information to Word, remember where the pictures where taken on site. All in all it used to take entire workday to create audit report of one site.

Besides the long lead-time of each audit, the comparison in time and between sites used to consume a lot of Excel work and frustration.


The first goal was to shorten the process of each security audit and the second goal was to improve the statistics and reporting.

After implementing Falcony it has been a lot easier for Fortum to harmonise all Security audits. Now audits can be carried out on any device, whether it’s mobile or tablets. All inspectors use the same comparative form that takes into account the building-specific questions.

With Falcony's app it is now possible for employees of Fortum to go on site with just a mobile phone at hand. Each picture they take on the mobile goes directly under that question in audit report without having to drag-n-drop or copy-paste anything.

Many of the sites of Fortum are without proper Internet connection. That’s why the full offline support of Falcony is necessary to guarantee the best possible user experience.“The tool is extremely easy to use and what’s best: it works on all mobile and tablet devices,” says Tuomo Linjala, the Real Estate Security Manager of Fortum.

The greatest time savings come from the fact that Fortum no longer needs to compile the audit reports. Falcony does it automatically of each site and also of the big picture. The statistics are relevant to make improvements and reports are easy to share with executives.


Since Fortum is now able to have each audit ready once they walk away from site and there is no more need to aggregate the report, the time savings are more than 50%. Per annum this easily equals to several weeks of work time that could now be used on more effective work.

Fortum is already implementing the same tool for other audits and inspections as well inside the organisation. Falcony effortlessly enables the customers to develop their audit activities further.


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“Falcony and its modern and easy-to-use web and mobile services have brought a significant improvement in security audit markets. User-orientation has been our primary criterion when we have chosen the company’s services.”

Tuomo Linjala

Real Estate Security Manager