Keva chose Falcony to be closer to their tenants in their commercial rental spaces.


Keva started to use Falcony's tenant portal in the spring of 2021. The system was initially tested at the Keilaranta 1 property, from where the use expanded rapidly to more multipurpose properties. The company’s previous tenant communication practices were based on a traditional email model in which property managers communicated current affairs directly to the companies and entities renting the properties. The aim was to move to a modern system, as the process built on individual emails was felt to be slow and cumbersome.

At Keva the system is mainly used by asset managers, property managers on the service providers' side and lobby service employees at business park sites. Tenant employees also have free access to the system. Falcony has been very positively received on behalf of the property's representatives, service providers and tenants. The new system has brought added value and efficiency to tenant communication and has been found to be very easy to use, flexible and clear. Involving tenants and developing the tenant experience in a modern way meets Keva's needs in a rapidly evolving industry.



Keva is a responsible player in the commercial rental business, whose portfolio consists of modern rental spaces covering approximately 580,000 square meters in 61 different buildings. Most of these are located in the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa), but also in other parts of Finland, such as in Kuopio, Tampere and Turku.

Keva offers a comprehensive range of offices to meet the needs of various companies. These include, for example, office spaces in business parks, rental spaces for head offices, and commercial spaces in shopping centers. Developing tenant involvement and experience is an integral part of Keva's strategy in the rapidly developing industry.


Challenges before Falcony


Before moving to Falcony, Keva used site-specific websites that differed from each other, which sometimes made it difficult to find the desired information. The sites primarily served potential customers, not existing tenants. Because it was difficult to update the contents, for example, important contact information did not necessarily stay up to date. In the end, everything led to the fact that the pages had almost no news flow nor visitors: "The benefit of a platform comes from the fact that it is used. Or like say at Falcony, from the tenant involvement," Keva’s Asset Manager Kirsi Soikkeli.

On a practical level, the challenge was maintaining the tenants' contact lists, which were very fragmented. The property managers and receptionists each had their own lists and contact persons, and no one had any kind of universal view.

The communication was also laborious itself, as it was handled by email. This increased the workload of already busy staff.



Keva's criteria for the new system were to find an easy-to-use, clear, visually compliant and cost-effective solution. Falcony met the requirements and the decision to start the implementation was easy to make. "The biggest reason for switching was Falcony's ease of use and cost effectiveness. We heard a lot of good feedback about the system in advance," Soikkeli describes.

When the decision was made, Falcony was put into use in the spring of 2021. Right from the start, Keva decided to include all the areas that the tenants feel are important. Currently, the tenant portal consists of tenant communication, user manuals, welcome instructions, move-in and move-out checklists, links to lunch lists and Keva's free rental spaces, as well as links to external space reservation systems and maintenance logs. Recycling instructions, important contact information and rescue plans can also be found from the same view.

The managers have been satisfied with the fact that with Falcony, relevant information can now be found from a single place, so that information sharing is both transparent and efficient for the tenants. "Tenant experience starts way before our customers move into our rental spaces, and we can now improve that by giving everyone access to necessary information 24/7. It has also been easy to tailor the platform to meet the needs of every single property," Soikkeli praises.

Results & Benefits


Falcony has brought a systematic and efficient way to Keva's tenant communication. It has increased the transparency of the communication, improved the tenants' access to information, saved time and thus improved work productivity as a whole. "Using Falcony has especially brought peace of mind to property managers, because things can now be handled more easily," Soikkeli explains.

According to Keva, the best part of the new solution is the ease of use, which extends beyond the portal and is reflected in the customer experience created by Falcony's services. "As the person ordering the work on behalf of the owner, I couldn't be more satisfied. This has been effortless for me and due to the simplicity of the product, we have not needed additional user support at all. You really learn to use the platform by yourself," Soikkeli describes.

The tenants' comfort is at the heart of Keva's operations. Flexibility is an important part of the rental process, and space needs and the possibilities of space conversion are actively monitored. Since an excellent tenant experience starts long before moving into the property, materials, instructions and information related to the commissioning of the property must always be easily accessible. With the help of Falcony, this has been possible and customer satisfaction has improved.

Today, the competition in the commercial rental space business is above all in the field of excellent customer service and customer satisfaction.

“Such a system is an integral part of tenant experience and helps us to meet the ever-growing expectations we face. The digital generation in particular knows how to demand better ways to be close to the customer and we strive to understand their needs at the earliest stage possible. This makes us more approachable and enables us to mitigate potential conflicts in advance,” Soikkeli concludes.



580 000 m²

Space for rent

€4 billion

In real estate investments


Return on real estate investments

“Such a system is an integral part of tenant experience and helps us to meet the ever-growing expectations we face."

Kirsi Soikkeli

Asset Manager