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Samla Capital chose Falcony's tenant portal to improve tenant experience in all of their multi-user properties.


Falcony's tenant portal was implemented in all multi-user properties owned by Samla in May 2021. The portal is used by property managers, facility managers and tenants who also have access to it via an open link. In the past, information was mainly provided to tenants by e-mail and attachments. It was not always guaranteed that the information would be received, so Samla decided to improve this with a modern and user-friendly platform.




Samla Capital Oy is a strongly growing company founded in 2015, whose operating area covers the whole of Finland. Samla's offices are located in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Helsinki. The company manages four alternative funds that invest in real estate, Samla Toimitilat Ky, Samla Toimitilat II Ky, Samla Asunnot Ky and SC Hotels I Ky. Their combined investments are worth more than 140 million euros.


Challenges before Falcony

Before moving to Falcony, Samla's tenant communication was done mainly via email. Welcome materials were sent as a PDF or printout to the tenants. The things that were sent were easily drowned in email, and the company had no certainty that the announcements always reached the right people. Sometimes it was also difficult for the tenants to find what they were looking for because information such as rescue plans, reservations for meeting and sauna spaces, and details about vacant rental spaces were all located in different places.

Due to the challenges of the old process, Samla wanted to find a system suitable for their needs, which would bring all tenant related information to the same place, making tenant communication more refined, systematic and efficient.




At Samla, Falcony's tenant portal is used daily by their own property and facility managers as well as tenants' contact persons. All employees of the tenants can also access the portal via open links, so that all information is available to everyone at any given time.

With the transition to the new system, all important links and instructions can now be found centrally in one place. This has reduced the workload of Samla's team and helped tenants to find the information they are looking for more easily than before.

"Instructions for e.g. submitting a defect report, recent bulletins, tenant support services and contact information can now be found easily. This way, you don't waste unnecessary time while searching," explains Samla's Real Estate Coordinator Elina Venäläinen.

With the introduction of the portal, tenants have also been able to openly monitor the waste amounts and consumption data of their leased property. The centralisation of information has also had an impact on marketing, as it is now easier for potential tenants to familiarise themselves with Samla's vacant properties.

"The portal has been easy to use and the feedback from the tenants has been positive. When all parties use the same system, it is easy to define unified operating methods for all locations," says Samla's Property Manager Teemu Harri.


Results & Benefits


For Samla, the biggest advantage in switching to Falcony's tenant portal has been the user experience and the centralisation of all information into a single place. Open links have lowered the threshold for using the portal and thus facilitated the information flow, as users do not have to remember separate passwords or usernames. The free premises section found on the tenant portal has also been a useful addition for customers who need to find new premises.

"The biggest benefit is that the system is focused on services and it allows information flow and transparency for everyone. The portal is an information bank for both our tenants and staff. It's now easy to check if you can't remember something related to the premises," Venäläinen concludes.


Real estate funds



€143 million

Managed investments

77 800 m2

Space for rent

"The portal has been easy to use and the feedback from the tenants has been positive. When all parties use the same system, it is easy to define unified operating methods for all locations."

Teemu Harri

Property Manager

Samla Capital