Using Falcony's platform, Sello has been able to improve data gathering and internal communication.


Serving millions of customers on a monthly basis, Sello looked to improve their reporting and monitoring capabilities in order to maintain their high level of comfort and safety. Before adopting Falcony, Sello had several different channels of communication and information gathering, which made compiling it all into one database a tiresome task. By moving away from a wide array of tools and adopting a centralised system for incident reporting, Sello was able to improve their internal communication and identify areas of concern more quickly.


As one of the largest shopping centres in Finland, Sello hosts 170 shops, restaurants and services. Sello opened in Leppävaara, Espoo in 2003 and expanded two years later to become a commercial hub that attracts 24 million visitors annually. Sello aims to offer something for everyone with their diverse selection of services and attractions.


“We strive to be the number one in service quality, comfort and safety, and are continuously developing our service to reach this goal” says Joni Rajamäki, Head of Security, about Sello’s mission. To this end, it was clear for Rajamäki that they needed to improve the way they communicated internally. Before implementing Falcony, Sello used several different tools for reporting and internal communication. “It was quite labour intensive to collect all the data from different sources into one comprehensive database” explains Rajamäki. Manual data gathering often caused delays in the information flow, which in turn made safety monitoring more difficult. “We previously tried to track trends and other metrics, but it was difficult without real-time data tracking” says Rajamäki. “The amount of work required to process the data made us slow to react.”

With such large volumes of customers, safety is a top concern for Sello. For this reason, they wanted to streamline their incident reporting system. “I spearheaded the commission for finding a replacement system. We had an idea of what our ideal system should look like; we needed something that allows for customisation, is easy to use and produces precise statistical data” says Rajamäki. “I have from a previous engagement had positive experiences working with Falcony, so the platform was already familiar. The main advantage that Falcony offered was flexibility to tailor it as we needed, and its user friendliness.” Rajamäki and his team found that Falcony's service was the best fit for their needs. “Falcony's solution was so strong in its core functionalities that we didn’t care too much about any other additional capabilities” recalls Rajamäki regarding the decision to move forward with Falcony.


Sello started limited implementation of Falcony's platform in December 2019, followed by a full rollout in January 2020. “We started out with high expectations, and our view of Falcony has only changed for the better since implementation” explains Rajamäki and continues, “I’ve noticed that there has been no internal resistance to the change, everybody has adopted the platform quite well and are happy to use it. We didn’t need much training as the system is quite intuitive, so all users have found the solutions well.”

With the fast and easy customisation of forms, Rajamäki and his team has quickly been able to adapt with trends that they observe, and thus been able to lead users to provide better quality data. “We knew it was easy to use Falcony, but an advantage we discovered after adoption is that it’s also easy to make corrections to forms. We’ve quickly made adjustments to collect more comprehensive data” explains Rajamäki.


Sello has successfully been able to improve their data gathering mechanisms to allow for faster dialogues and better responsiveness to changes. The platform has also freed up time that was previously used to manually process data from various sources. “It has helped a lot with communication. Within our organisation we are now very pleased that information flows quickly and in real time” says Rajamäki about the improvements they have experienced.

At Sello, all personnel working with security, property management and administration use Falcony for observations and other daily tasks. With real-time access to data, Sello has been able to actively address areas of concern and track trends. “Communication speed has accelerated as a result of all the automatic functions that can be implemented in the platform” says Rajamäki. “We are now able to allocate resources with faster reaction times.” This has even enabled efficiencies at Sello that were initially not anticipated. One such example is a reduction in energy used, because they can now actively monitor where there is no need to keep the lights on.

Some key features in Falcony that Rajamäki appreciates include the comprehensive real-time statistics and the ability to instantly assign tasks to users. “We have a significant amount of observations reported in the platform already, and it is easy to view the statistics and process the data” explains Rajamäki. All information collected in Falcony is instantly and automatically added to the cloud, and the statistics are instantly made accessible to users with appropriate viewing rights.

“I have praised Falcony to friends and colleagues, and I can sincerely recommend your services to others who have the same issues that we had” remarks Rajamäki and continues, “It has been a positive experience so far, let’s hope the journey continues this way.”


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24 million

Visitors annually


Shops, restaurants and services

102 000 m²

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“I have praised Falcony to friends and colleagues, and I can sincerely recommend your services to others who have the same issues that we had. It has been a positive experience so far, let’s hope the journey continues this way.”

Joni Rajamäki

Head of Security