After implementing Falcony the LPAs have become more efficient, and the tool has also helped to increase transparency within the organisation.


Sumida, as many other companies in their industry, used to do layer process audits (LPAs) with pen, paper and Excel.

As Global Quality Key Account, Lay Kizilay describes “The audits were first done on paper, and then added to Excel. It was a very time consuming process as it always required someone to fill in the information. Monitoring data was challenging and it was hard to keep track of who had done what in the audit.”

After introducing Falcony Sumida almost immediately saw a change in the data monitoring. It became easier and much more simple to do.

This case study talks about the challenges that Sumida’s quality department had before the implementation of a digital audits software, and will also capitalise on the improvements and benefits after the implementation.


Sumida Corporation is a leading global automotive manufacturer, with headquarters in Japan. The company was established in 1956, and has operations in Asia, Europe and both North and South America, with more than 20,000 employees globally.

Sumida’s products range from automotive electronics, consumer electronics, hybrid plug-in and electric vehicles and green energy solutions.


Before implementing Falcony for their LPAs, Sumida was heavily relying on pen & paper reporting. After an audit was made on paper, a responsible person would then take care of typing it into Excel. Furthermore, not all locations were doing LPAs, so they didn’t have an overall overview of the performance of the company inside of this.

The whole audit process was as a result difficult to manage and monitor, as they didn’t know who was doing what in the audit. And getting the results and collecting data at the end of the month was very challenging.


Finding the right software for the LPA was important. Before looking at Falcony, Sumida were looking a various other softwares that were focused and specified for LPAs, could help them manage KPIs, quality and store the LPA manual of the company. However these softwares were at the end of the day too complex.

“We wanted something that was simple and easy to use for everyone and didn’t make things harder to do,'' says Lay Kizilay, “In a global organisation you want to make sure that the software can be used on all levels and by different people who may or may not be tech savvy. Falcony was the best solution that gave us the ease of use and the simplicity that we were looking for. And on top of that the interface looks nice too.”

Falcony is now being used for LPAs in EU, South America and Asian operations.


Falcony makes it possible to go paperless. “We can now do our LPAs without using paper, which is great. All the data is stored in the app where we get the reports on the audits performed as well. “ Says Global Quality Key Account, Kizilay. Kizilay also noticed that the monitoring of data is much easier and effective with the software. “ We are now also able to follow-up on needed actions in the app, if there are any. And it’s easy to track how many audits have been performed by each user and when.”


Falcony has increased the transparency of the LPAs, “the man hours saved are tremendous, we are now 100% paper free in the audits process.” On top of that everyone is able to see what is happening in the audit most more effectively than before.

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In Cooperation with Falcony

“The application is really easy to use, and has helped us go completely paper free in our LPAs. We are now also able to have more transparency in our audits, and easily make follow-up actions. The time and man hours saved in reporting have been remarkable. Falcony's audits module definitely gave us the solution we were looking for.”

Lay Kizilay

Global Quality Key Account