With Falcony Audit, SVT is now able to deliver quality control inspections at scale for its insurance and automotive clients.


‍Falcony was introduced at Finnish Loss Survey SVT Ltd at the end of 2018, when the parent company's former self-developed quality control system was getting closer to the end of its lifecycle.

With a lot of customers and all of them as end-users within Falcony, the expectations for usability were extremely high. Still, what SVT has found surprising is how much the end-users actually like the platform and how easy it is to customise for new needs with the no-code template editor.



Finnish Loss Survey SVT Ltd. is a specialist company whose purpose is to produce expert damage inspection and damaged vehicle realisation services in Finland. Its customer base consists of major insurance and automobile sector companies.

SVT started operations in 1992 by carrying out damage inspections on vehicles, boats, machinery and other technical equipment for the majority of Finnish insurance companies. Today, damage inspections still make up a significant proportion of SVT’s business volume.

In the automobile sector SVT co-operates with the Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs to enhance the development of the quality of accident repairs. SVT conducts accident repair rating audits and provides the automobile sector with consultancy in matters related to repair quality inspection and quality development.

SVT employs roughly 50 professionals in vehicle technology and damaged vehicle sales with operations guided by a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


Challenges before Falcony


SVT’s previous quality control system was a self-developed solution within a sibling company that they had also used. It had served its purpose quite well in the past, but with development in-house it fought for the same resources as any other self-made IT project. To have a constantly improving solution, SVT, along with its parent company, realized they needed to find a viable SaaS solution for the problem.

Besides the fact that the solution was not being developed, it was not intended to be used on mobile, which since iPhone and Whatsapp had already become an expectation by SVT’s clients.

“What our inspectors were forced to do was double work: first the inspection on site with pen and paper and then the actual report drafting at the office. This of course didn’t make sense as the time of these people is really valuable.”


SVT had a three point criteria for the new platform that consisted of:

  1. Ease-of-use for the end-users including of course mobile use but also any other steps that can help inspectors to deliver their work fully on site.
  2. Customisability of the inspection templates by SVT’s business and process owners in a no-code user interface.
  3. Much better reporting that would allow access also for the clients to view the data within the platform.

"I can’t say with 100% confidence why Falcony was chosen as I wasn’t there in the boardroom or Teams or whatever it was back then. But I can say for sure that the moment we tested and tried Falcony, it stood out from the rest of the options.” 

Implementation was done for SVT and it’s sibling company both at once in a month long pilot phase after which it was easy to simply continue with Falcony. Pilot was carried out during the busy December of 2018 and full roll out started in early 2019.

Results & Benefits


The quality control inspections are now done completely on site, sometimes even without any internet connection whatsoever. 

“We use Falcony mainly on tablets for the inspections and I have to say that the ease-of-use is downright exceptional. It’s like Whatsapp: you really don’t have to think twice about how it works. Falcony simply guides you through to do your work.”

Falcony has led to time savings as inspectors don’t have to spend so much time at the office after the inspections anymore. But there is also an unforeseen benefit of all inspectors following the same set of principles and instructions for the inspections.

“In the past, different inspectors might have used different methods of data collection and the reports had a bit of variation because of that. Now with the help texts and help images, inspectors know exactly what to inspect and against what kind of standard.” 

SVT’s collaboration with Falcony is still in its early stages as they have already expanded their usage to cover internal audits and with more and more clients, new and novel inspections use cases are invented on the go.

ISO 9001:2015




€7.8 million



Years in business

“We use Falcony mainly on tablets for the inspections and I have to say that the ease-of-use is downright exceptional. It’s like Whatsapp: you really don’t have to think twice about how it works. Falcony simply guides you through to do your work.”

Tero Juntunen

Area Manager