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HUB logistics chose Falcony to unify their 5S+Safety inspections and have since expanded the use rapidly.


HUB logistics uses Falcony for "5S +safety" inspections and management safety walks. Most reported observations are related to cleanliness, disorganisation and occupational safety deficiencies.

According to QHSE manager Sampo Arppola, HUB logistics has been satisfied with the application. They have expanded the use of Falcony for a wide range of things:

  • Incident reporting, initiatives and quality observations
  • Whistleblowing
  • Ticketing system both for payroll and for various work orders
  • Risk management

The 5S used at HUB is a system focused on organising workplaces and standardising work methods. HUB Logistics has expanded the framework by adding a sixth area to it: safety. If you want to learn more about 5S, check our blog post about the subject.



HUB logistics offers flexible, customer-specific logistics services ranging from individual storage and personnel rental services to comprehensive outsourcing and procurement logistics solutions. In addition, the company's expertise includes demanding customer-specific wood and veneer packaging, project packaging, and packaging services.

Their customer base consists of clients from e.g. automotive and engineering industry, trade and public administration.

HUB Logistics' turnover is 32 million euros and the company employs more than 300 people in 11 cities.


Challenges before Falcony


Prior to Falcony, HUB used Excel-based checklists as the base for their inspections. The checklist was first printed on paper, and then employees went through the site and manually recorded observations and shortcomings. Once the inspection was completed, the inspection findings were transcribed into a computer.

"From these, reports and monthly charts were printed. The printed report was displayed in break rooms and intranet. It may have also included a list of responsibilities for various tasks. As such, the report also served as a task list," says QHSE Manager Arppola.

The contents of the inspection lists varied by location.


Today, all branches have one and the same checklist and the 5S+safety inspection round is done with tablets or mobile phones. Observations are made directly to the Falcony Audit platform, from which, if necessary, the printouts can be obtained directly. "We mostly add them to intranet still, but often also print the paper version to the coffee room", Arppola describes.

At the section level of the audit checklist, there are nine section in the 5S+safety list. Observations and deviations can be easily recorded on a mobile device with just a few clicks and they automatically link to the right section and question.

Results & Benefits


According to Arppola, Falcony has helped HUB save work hours: "Double work has been left out of the work. I would argue that there is already a time saving of around 20%, but it will certainly continue to develop in the future."

The Falcony app's feature that allows the auditors to take pictures of observations and deviations is also getting praise. "There has been an effort to take a lot of them. It's also positive that now the inspection template is the same for everyone and it brings uniformity to the rounds at all locations". At HUB, the results obtained with Falcony are also taken into account in their rewards and bonuses system, which is possible thanks to Falcony's built-in scoring. "When a location reaches a certain level of performance, employees are rewarded. That's also one of the reasons why it's essential that the system is the same for everyone."

Arppola praises Falcony's off the shelf functionalities of templates, reporting and administration, which are built into the application. The reporting side has also made work easier. "At the same time, the use of tablets and intranet will become more familiar to all employees", the QHSE manager adds.

Arppola has also noticed that there are more observations and deviations being reported. "This is because the forms and question sets are now more detailed than before. Feedback from employees has been positive and resistance to change has been minimal," he says.

The management team has also been satisfied with Falcony. "I was able to introduce the platform easily and the reception was great", Arppola describes. The QHSE manager also praises the customer support: "When we have asked or wondered about something, we have received answers very quickly."





€31.9 million



Years in business

"We started using Falcony for 5S+Safety inspections, but the rapid expansion of the system's use to other areas of our operations speaks volumes about Falcony as a platform and as a company. I have been really satisfied with our partnership."

Sampo Arppola

QHSE Manager

HUB logistics